Whois on IP


  • handle: MAC74-ARIN
  • name: Microsoft Abuse Contact
  • phone: +1-425-882-8080
  • email:


  • handle: MRPD-ARIN
  • name: Microsoft Routing, Peering, and DNS
  • phone: +1-425-882-8080
  • email:


  • inetnum: -
  • name: MSFT
  • handle: MSFT
  • status: Direct Assignment
  • created: 1998-07-09
  • changed: 2017-01-28
  • desc: To report suspected security issues specific to traffic emanating from Microsoft online services, including the distribution of malicious content or other illicit or illegal material through a Microsoft online service, please submit reports to: * For SPAM and other abuse issues, such as Microsoft Accounts, please contact: * To report security vulnerabilities in Microsoft products and services, please contact: * For legal and law enforcement-related requests, please contact: * For routing, peering or DNS issues, please contact: *
  • organization: Microsoft Corporation
  • address: One Microsoft Way Redmond WA 98052 US
Whois on URL


  • name:

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